An atypical, eco-responsible and 100% autonomous estate in Lorraine

Located in Lorraine in the heart of the Badonviller forest, on the shores of the Pierre-Percée lake and 4 km from any habitation, les Cabanes du lac de Pierre-Percée estate is the first site to offer 100% self-contained unusual accommodation that combines a high level of comfort with a high ecological standard.

The domain includes 7 tree houses and 7 log cabins with their Finnish saunas, all spread over 7 hectares. Each tree house has a double bed (plus two single beds for the family houses), a bathroom and a private terrace of 25 m2. A wood-burning stove is available for cooler evenings. For the chalets, with the same comfort as the cabins, there is an individual Finnish sauna made of wooden logs for a fusion of relaxation with the forest environment and the lake.

A natural and ecological approach

Thanks to photovoltaic panels and a borehole, les Cabanes du lac de Pierre-Percée innovates by producing water and electricity for each of its accommodations, in addition to a phyto-purification system for independent sanitation.

The estate has been designed with an eco-responsible approach with the aim of sustainability. It uses natural resources and meets the highest standards of comfort. It is based on a group of accommodations built in the forest on the edge of a lake of more than 300 hectares.

In order to limit the visual impact and to integrate perfectly into the existing vegetation, the accommodation has a green roof, made of Douglas fir shingles or sheet metal, thus preserving the authentic character of the site. No concrete foundations are required for any of the buildings, which are placed on rocks or locust tree piles. The accommodation is accessible by footpaths and the estate is closed to motorised vehicles.

Electricity is produced by photovoltaic panels on the roof of the reception chalet and the technical shed. This is used to supply energy to the accommodation (lighting, sockets: kettle, hairdryer, telephone charger, etc.). The energy that is not used immediately is stored in batteries for later use and to maintain autonomy for several days in case of uncertain weather. Drinking water for consumption comes from a borehole after filtration, with a pump and booster system ensuring the supply while maintaining an adequate water pressure.

Each accommodation includes a dry toilet, as well as a phyto-purification system for the autonomous and ecological sanitation of our waste water. The dry toilets consist of adding carbonaceous material (wood shavings, straw, etc.) after each use. This mixture is then moved to an outdoor bin to be composted. Compost is also used for traditional composting of vegetable food. The waste is sorted and collected by the occupants, who deposit it in a room provided for this purpose.

Thanks to solar panels, drilling and phytodepuration, the accommodation is supplied without being connected to the traditional public supply networks. In winter, as the needs increase and the solar production decreases significantly, the heating is done with wood stoves.

High-performance and natural materials for sustainable accommodation

With a preference for natural materials, les Cabanes du Lac de Pierre-Percée pay particular attention to the choice of wood used in construction, such as Douglas fir, acacia and chestnut. Naturally rot-proof and therefore untreated, they keep emissions of volatile organic compounds to a minimum. The insulation will be made of wood fibre and sheep's wool. We refrain from using products with a chemical composition. The choice of wooden constructions and the decision to ban concrete and other materials from the oil industry also contribute to this desire for an exceptional carbon balance. The natural aspect of the site is preserved thanks to the permanent maintenance of the forest estate.

The local economy as a major player

All building materials are sourced from local sustainably managed forests. The operation of the facilities is carried out by local craftsmen. The breakfasts as well as the aperitif and dinner baskets that we offer are also from our local producers in order to favour short circuits.

Greatly reduced impact on the environment

Les Cabanes du Lac de Pierre-Percée will take care to control their impact on the immediate environment through numerous actions such as:

  • progressive replanting with local species
  • treatment of waste water by phytodepuration allowing the discharge of purified water into the natural environment;
  • the compatibility of the estate with the forestry management constraints of the sector;
  • the ban on barbecues and wood fires in the area concerned;
  • the proper conservation of the forest heritage and reinforced phytosanitary surveillance;
  • leaving dead trees standing to encourage insect nests;
  • avoid disturbance of bats if new buildings are used as dormitories (e.g. in the attic);
  • photovoltaic solar electricity production;
  • wood-burning stoves;
  • Recyclable waste recovery with a sorting policy;
  • low energy lighting;
  • organic and local catering for the most part;
  • promotion of the "Zero Waste" movement;
  • dry toilets;
  • ecolabelled cleaning products;
  • the installation of water-saving equipment to reduce water consumption.

To structure and give credibility to our approach, we have based ourselves on the European Ecolabel for tourist accommodation. This official label is a sign of environmental quality certified by AFNOR Certification® and valid on a European scale. The objective of les Cabanes du Lac de Pierre-Percée is to create a place to live that combines luxury and eco-responsibility.

What is in front of us and what we leave behind is little compared to what is within us. And when we bring into the world what has been sleeping inside us, miracles happen.
Henry David Thoreau

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